Augmented Reality And Cyber Security: A New Era Of Issues

Augmented Reality is one of the major trends in 2020. Augmented reality or AR in the simplest terms, as a technology that overlays a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thereby providing a composite view. As more and more developers around the world are developing innovative AR applications, they are also finding more and more security concerns. As with any other digital technology, AR is not free from security problems.

Augmented Reality can completely change the view of your world by augmenting artificial things in the real world, and the technology can now make pretty convincing images, the misuse of AR systems can have severe consequences. For example, a hacker can exploit a navigation system to display the driver an incorrect speed limit signage that the computer generates or a wrong road path. Or, in that case, a malicious application could leak the geo-location or field of view of a person to criminals with malicious intent. AR is capable of causing major disturbances to defense, privacy, security, finance, or operations if infringed, according to the Emerging Technology Domains Risk Study.

In today’s post, we will discuss the Augmented Reality And Cyber Security issues and what can we do to prevent and solve them.

Major Security Issues of AR

New ways of data collection

New ways of data overlaying

Unreliable platforms

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