Gaming Industry Takeover By Technology

In a world with many streaming platforms competing for the top spot, you would assume that their biggest competition was each other; what if we told you that was definitely not the case? Individuals at both Amazon & Netflix are trying to wrap their heads around the advent of the gaming industry with technology and its speedy rise to the top; all of which has posed it as not only a worthy competitor but also a potential threat to the future of streaming platforms altogether.

The numbers don’t lie either. With approximately 100 million viewers having tuned into the World championship of the game League of Legends, as compared to the substantially low number that chose to watch the Super Bowl on television.

With a growing following and with multiple streams of revenue, there can be no denying the fact that gaming is here to not only stay but also take the throne!

So, how is this medium utilizing technology and growing at a speed faster than anyone else?

Virtual Reality — The AI Influence

We got familiar with role-playing games at an early age; an introduction that was there with third-person games where the player could “play” as someone else, but now these very players have the opportunity to “become” the main character.

VR puts the gamer at the center of the world and lets them explore the virtual world as they were already available in the game. In other words, you are the game.

This technology is now working to figure out a way of including artificial intelligence to an extent where it can evolve the gaming experience and provide players with constantly changing scenarios and missions.

This limits the production of games because creators fear that games might evolve on their own if AI has the freedom to explore and be creative; a concern all AI experts have.

So while AI may have limitations, you still have the opportunity to create a character that mirrors you (through facial recognition and 3D scanning) and become one with the game.

See Artificial Intelligence In Video Games

Voice Recognition — Treating Laziness

You’re enough doing with the game but you want to finish that last mission. How do you force yourself to pick up the controller and tap many buttons to destroy the final level boss?

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. With the latest voice-recognition software, gamers can run the entire show with the VOICE. Tell the computer what you want to do, and it’ll do the job for you.

Discover Speech-to-Text Technology

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Passionate About Latest #Technology Trends. Visit for Updates in #AI #DataScience #CloudComputing #IoT #fintech #Robotics #BigData #NLP

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Passionate About Latest #Technology Trends. Visit for Updates in #AI #DataScience #CloudComputing #IoT #fintech #Robotics #BigData #NLP

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