Need Datasets for Natural Language Processing? Look no further !

A concept that aims to understand the mechanism behind programming computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data, tends to yield a massive field of research . Exploring such a diverse area tends to not only be a challenging situation for those navigating through it but also sometimes it’s difficult to even know how to take the first step into the search for data .

So, In hopes of easing you into the world of natural language processing, we’ve combined a list of online NLP datasets that cover a wide arrange of topics.

Discover Applications of NLP- Natural Language Processing

NLP datasets

Datasets for Sentiment Analysis

Stanford Sentiment Treebank home to over 10,000 clips from Rotten Tomatoes , Stanford’s dataset is to help identify sentiment in longer phrases i.e. get the system accustomed to detailed data .

Multidomain Sentiment Analysis Dataset — despite being an older dataset, it offers many product reviews taken from Amazon that help with the provision of diverse data .

IMDB Reviews like Stanford’s treebank, this dataset consists of over 25,000 movie reviews that are useful for a rather binary classification use .

Text Datasets

The Blog Authorship Corpus — with over 681,000 posts written by over 19,000 independent bloggers, this dataset is home to over 140 million words; which on its own poses it as a valuable dataset .

UCI’s Spambase — a creation of the team at Hewlett-Packard, this dataset consists of a wide array of spam email that can be in use to create personalized spam filters .

The WikiQA Corpus — one of the most accessible collections of questions/answers, this dataset is for research purposes in the domain of question answering but has now become a public depository for anyone concerned with natural language processing .

Wordnet — a product of researchers at Princeton University, Wordnet offers a large database consisting of synonyms in the English language with each describing a unique concept .

Yelp Reviews — available for public, this dataset contains millions of reviews received by Yelp over the years………………..

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